Governor's Address

Governor's Address

"Eko-Token is Africa’s 1st Cash Reward for its residents. Lagos State has taken the 1st leap on this initiative to create a concept that businesses and individuals will own”

The Lagos State Government under our leadership is poised to establish a new era of HYPER RESIDENT-CENTRICITY.

In our bid to sustainably facilitate and ensure the spread of prosperity to many more citizens and residents of Lagos, we decided to establish a UNIVERSAL CASH REWARD PROGRAM under a most strategic PPublic-PrivatePartnership with CashToken Africa (CeLD Innovations Limited). 

Eko-Token is Africa’s First UNIVERSAL CASH REWARD for all Residents of any African State or federating unit.

Eko-Token is designed to facilitate uniform cash rewards across all businesses within the jurisdiction of Lagos State.

The core objectives of the Eko-Token Initiative are as follows; 

1. Facilitate increased velocity of patronages for Lagos Businesses.

2. Improve the personal economies of Lagos Residents.

3. Generate new revenues for the support of MSMEs, Youth Empowerment & Sustainable Development Goals that participating businesses in Lagos can claim as Universal Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is our expectation that all Lagos Businesses participate in the UNIVERSAL CASH REWARDS by offering Eko-Token as Patronage Cash Rewards to loyal Lagos State Residents.

Benefits to Lagos Businesses 

1. Increased Sales (Performance-based rewards)

2. Development of Consumer Emotional Equity 

3. Certificates of Participation from Lagos State Government 

4. Universal Corporate Social Responsibility Claims on Projects done with new revenues. 

Lagos State Government is represented by;

1. Ministry of Wealth Creation 

2. Lagos Public-Private Partnership Office 

3. Lagos State Lotteries Board. 

Other Strategic Agencies 

1. Ministry of Transportation 

2. Ministry of Commerce  

3. Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) 

4. Ministry of Economic Budget & Planning (Lagos Bureau of Statistics) 

We thank our partner; CeLD Innovations (CashToken Africa) for all its efforts and investments to ensure Eko-Token is the most impactful project on businesses and the good people of Lagos.

Our vision in Lagos is to engender prosperity that is truly shared. 

To all Africans ! I say ; 




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