Eko Token is the Universal Patronage Cash Reward for all Lagos Residents.

There are three ways to participate:

1. Buy airtime, pay for electricity and cable subscription to get CashToken rewards

2. Buy Eko Token voucher from any Eko Token agent or flagship stores in your local government to reward yourself or your loved ones.

3. Buy from any business that offers Eko Token reward.

The Eko Token requires ONLY the receivers phone number for reward delivery.

SMS notification is always sent to the Eko Token recipient.

One Eko Token qualifies you to participate in the draw.

1. Guaranteed instant cash Reward of N6

2. Automatic entry into the Eko Token weekly draw for a Chance to Win between N5k-N100M.

You will receive an SMS from the Eko Token Support Team and a follow-up call to inform you of your win.

Please dial *6700*00# or visit ekotoken.ng and select Eko Wallet to check your guaranteed cash and draw win.

You can either:

1. Spend it on the Eko Token channels (*6700*00# or www.ekotoken.ng)

2. Withdraw your cash into your bank account


To do this, simply dial *6700*00# and choose Eko Wallet to move your cash to your bank account.

- 80% of Eko Token draw win is paid in cash

- 10% is given to you as extra Eko Tokens

- 5% is given to you as Airtime

- 5% administrative charge is applied on the wins

You can watch the Eko Token draw show on AIT by 9:30 pm every Friday and on LTV by 7 pm every Sunday.

Yes, you can buy for yourself and your loved ones on *6700*00# or www.ekotoken.ng

1. Visit any Eko Token agent location


This means how much a customer needs to spend 

Eko Token is not a game to be played. It is a reward for patronizing Lagos businesses.  A person can also be gifted by an individual or the Government.

1. Send a mail to support@ekotoken.ng  or call on us at 09077555557

Please send a mail to us at support@ekotoken.ng to indicate interest with your phone number.

The Eko Token voucher only expires after the pin has been used.

Simply dial *6700*00*voucher pin# to redeem your Eko Token voucher.

An Eko Token voucher costs N50 only.

An Eko Token voucher can only be used once

- Kindly send a mail to support@ekotoken.ng

- You can also dial *6700*00# and select HELP on the USSD code for assistance.

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